Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The United States of Ennui

30 December 2008

The United States of Ennui

Our friend at Some Assembly Required had an interesting reaction to the Wall Street Journal story about the Russian Professor who is predicting the breakup of the US into several independent groups of states:

"Some are predicting the USA will erupt and split in six or seven smaller nations. Nope, there is not enough gumption left in the US citizenry to mount a decent protest, much less massive separatists movements. More likely the US will simply thrash around a bit and then fade into irrelevance. Governments will be overthrown, in more places than you might suspect (think Europe). But the US populace will sit in front of the TV, waiting for someone to reward them with their god-given right to happiness and success."
We doubt that the US will become irrelevant for a long time, but it is hard to disagree with such a frank and insightful analysis of the American public. Our hallmark seems to be a deep and abiding boredom and self-absorption, a walking amnesia with an historical perspective measured in days, if not hours.

At times like these the Almighty will often send His people a wake-up call.